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Tight by Alessandra Torre

TIGHT Final Cover 


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I was happy in my small town. In my life as a single thirty-two year old woman. I had a good job, wonderful friends, my independence.

I also hadn't got laid in three years. Hadn't been on a date in two. Had stopped counting calories and putting on makeup... a while ago.

Then Brett Jacobs waltzed in. Caressed my thigh, dug rough fingers into my hair, lowered his soft mouth to my skin, took sexual control of my mind and stirred it all around with what he packed in his pants. He dumped my quiet life upside down and crawled into a place in my heart I thought was dead.

The issue is his secret. The issue is her. The issue is that I don't even know she exists, and he thinks she's dead. The issue is that everything is about to hit the fan and I can't hold on to him tight enough.

Alessandra Torre delivered another story that messed with my head . . . for days. It was everything I have come to expect from her. Beyond steamy sex scenes, intense characters and a totally enthralling story from start to finish.

A sexy pair of stilettos, one size too small, leads to a chance encounter in a hotel lobby. From the moment Brett appears with a fuzzy pair of slippers in hand and offers to walk her to her room, Riley knows he's something special. It's been awhile for her, but she's not going to make this more than it is. Just sex between two people who happened to hit it off one weekend in the Bahamas. But that's not what Brett wants at all.
"I feel like I've waited by whole life for you."
She's a small town girl and he's a big city guy with money and a private plane. He jets them off to tropical locations for weekends filled with AMAZING sex. Holy hotness. To say Brett is PERFECT is an understatement. He always knows just what to say, is beyond thoughtful and incredible in bed. But, is he too good to be true?
"I can't stop myself. I want to pin you and fuck you against every surface I come to."
Riley can feel that he's hiding something and it starts weighing on her. She's afraid it might be something bad enough to make her walk away from this guy she loves. Instead of asking him straight out, she starts doing a little digging of her own. His secrets and her need to know, have consequences neither could have expected.
"The word 'tight' has twenty-two definitions, but my favorite is Webster's fifth - "a bond which cannot be broken."
I don't even know where to begin. It's been a few days and I can't get over this book. I'm seriously obsessed with Brett. The chemistry between him and Riley was insane! He made me swoon so many times throughout this book, it was ridiculous. To make things even better, the ending was perfection. Of all of her books, I have to say this is my favorite. I HIGHLY recommend it!

5/5 Fangs

*ARC kindly provided by Alessandra Torre in exchange for an honest review*

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