Monday, February 3, 2014

Temporarily Yours (Shillings Agency #1) by Diane Alberts/Jen McLaughlin

Temporarily Yours
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

Kayla Moriarity is terrified of flying. She can't avoid it because she is in route to her sister's wedding.  She is also trying to come up with a plan on how to tell her family that the fictional boyfriend she created for them is not real.
When Copper Shillings meets Kayla in the most unconventional way and she makes him smile, he knows she can be the breeze of fresh air that he needs. Cooper is an ex-marine but has a few days before going on his first mission for his new job.
No one is more surprised than Kayla when Cooper ends up sitting next to her in first class. He also proves to her that he can distract her during the flight.
During the flight, Kayla reveals her ordeal and to her amazement Cooper is more than happy to play the part of a boyfriend and help her out.

“It felt right?” She threw her arms out to the side. “The knight in shining armor act was cute last night, and it was well-rewarded, I’d say.” She gestured to the rumpled bed. 
“But now, even with the booze out of your system…how can you be this…this…sweet? 

The problem is that faking it is becoming harder than they thought.

I love the way they meet. I can picture it and I can't wait for people to read it too.
Diana humanizes Cooper. He has doubts about his future and the guilt he still carrying. He is a great hero and definitely a class act. He doesn't second guess his desire to help Kayla with her flight anxiety or with her family.
Kayla was funny with all those statistics she kept on coming up with.  It was nice to see the change in her from not wanting a relationship to thinking that if she didn't have one with Cooper it may be a huge loss.
In regards to the secondary characters, her father and uncle were funny in a scary way.

“I fought in a war against enemies with deadly weapons. I think I can handle inquisitive parents.” “You’ve never met mine.”

I do wish the book was a little bit longer and I felt sad seeing this characters disappear too soon.
I'm glad to report that there is NO cliffhanger.
One last thing- What an awesome cover!! I hope the second book in this series can match it.

“She needed a knight in shining armor, and I’ve always had a thing for a damsel in distress. We were the perfect fit.”

3.5/5 Fangs


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