Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lovely Vicious (Lovely Vicious #1) by Sara Wolf

Lovely Vicious
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

Isis Blake moved to Ohio to protect her mother from an abusive relationship. She is also hiding her own trauma. She used to be obese but she lost 80 pounds. She is very determined to start fresh and leave the past behind.
She is invited to a party and when she meets Jack Hunter she hates him on site. She ends up punching the "Ice Prince" in the face.

Jack doesn't care about school. He is just cruising until he goes to college. He is super smart and can notice the smallest detail.
When Jack meets Isis he looses his mask for the first time.  Finally, he has someone he can play with. The war is on. Battles are named. Jack has a new purpose in life and this is to torture Isis as much as he can.

“She was probably a trusting, naïve girl before him, like a daisy. And then he came, and pulled her petals off one by one, forcing her to surround herself with thorns to survive.”

I loved this book. I made the mistake of starting it at night and finished it early morning and since I was lucky enough to have the ARC for Savage Delight picked that one up next.

“And offers me a black rose. "I figured you'd hate flowers, so I decided to get one that matched your soul" He says. I take the flower, careful not to touch any of his long finger.”

What did I liked?
The hate relationship they have.
How smart they both are.
How Isis doesn't back down.
Their sexual tension.
Their banter.
Strong female character.

What (or whom) I dislike:
Avery Brighton

What I hated:
Only one thing :CLIFFHANGER

My Jack

Jack’s got a pirate hat on, but it’s wrapped in a silk handkerchief and has some fake dreads attached to it, woven with beads. His loose white shirt is open, showing his collarbone and just the top of his pecs, with a vest over it and a golden compass hanging from a loop on the breast pocket. A fake sword rests on his hip. His breeches are tucked into his black leather boots, equally worn and dirty looking, and his blue eyes stand out like hard icicles with the smoldering eyeliner smudged around his eyes. He’s the spitting image of -

“Captain Jack Sparrow!” 

5/5 Fangs

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