Saturday, February 22, 2014

Savage Delight (Lovely Vicious #2) by Sara Wolf

Savage Delight
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

Isis and her mother survived the attack but in the process Isis developed amnesia.
In order to get released she must convince the counselor that she is ok. During the hospitalization she develops a few friendships.
Isis knows she must remember and it seems like everyone is keeping things from her.
In the mist of this, someone sends her info on Jack and Isis can't stop her curiosity from wanting to unravel the mystery Jack and her classmates shared.

This is as good as the first one. I was crossing my fingers the whole time. I want Jack with Isis. I want Jack to help her deal with her self image and I want Isis to heal him from all his pain.  Lately, I haven't read a lot of YA but I think this series works for me because the writer makes them sound more mature. Don't get me wrong they still act as teenagers at times but the dialogue is good.
I do want to hug both characters. Their chemistry is intense and I can almost picture the movie.

I contacted Sara to asked her about the next book asap after reading back to back books in the early morning (coffee was my savior that day).  I needed to know when the next installment was out and seems like summer is the answer.
I guess I'll suffer 'til then.

Favorite quotes:

“Sometimes people need to be messed up. It reminds them life is short.”

“I want him to know the alphabet backwards, and fast. He’ll make perfect cinnamon sugar doughnuts. He can jump rope a million times in a row. He’ll have bright green eyes and be left-handed and be a master of the obscure lost art of ocarina playing.”

“Who gave you permission to be conscious before six, and how can I end them?”

“The sadness will last forever. And I think he was right, but I also think he was very, very wrong. It doesn’t last forever. Because we don’t last forever.”

Another 5/5 Fangs

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