Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Past Imperfect by Alison G. Bailey
Perfect #2

Past Imperfect


ARC provided by Author/WordSmith Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

Brad Johnson's life has not been easy.

He was born from a loveless marriage and his parents never showed any type of love towards him. His mother even thought about getting an abortion. Listening to his parent's conversations as a kid shaped his life for many years until an event made him reevaluate his current attitude towards life and love.

We think we know Brad from the awful bet he had in Present Perfect, but we don't.

He has changed, he is not the same arrogant alpha male. Well, maybe he is still arrogant and still alpha but not detached.

“I’m sorry, Mabry. If I had known you were going to be in my future, I would have been a better man in my past.” 

Mabry Darnell has experienced a terrible loss. She has witnessed major depression and it's side effects on someone you love and their family. The way she deals with strong emotions is as unhealthy as you can get.

When Mabry and Brad meet, they move from attraction to passion but Mabry doesn't want to feel anything stronger than this. Cutting the vicious cycle can be the hardest thing to achieve. Brad's past behavior catches up with him making things even more dangerous for Mabry's mental health.

Holy smokes! Brad made a 180 on me. He used to be someone that you can almost hate. Honestly, I actually liked him in Present Perfect. I thought he was redeemable then and he certainly didn't disappoint me. His meeting with Tweet (Amanda) made me like him even more.

It's sad how much impact bad parenting can have on kids and Brad had certainly had a horrible set. I do believe that Mabry wins the award for worst parents in this story. Saying that I felt upset at Mabry for not seeking help sooner.

I would like to thank Alison for not making me ugly cry like I did with the first book. I know Tweet's story devastated me and I was fearful to read this one.

One major point is that there is no cliffhanger.

“Wamfu?” She scrunches up her face in confusion.
“My brain couldn’t decide whether to say ‘wow, damn, or fuck’, so it came out ‘wamfu’.”
Smiling, she says, “I like wamfu.”

4/5 Fangs

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