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Bound (Mastered #1) by Lorelei James



MrsNorthman's Review

Amery Hardwick is single and focused on running her graphic design business.  After catching her long-time boyfriend cheating she has been content hanging out at gay bars with her two best friends.  Trying to be supportive, she accompanies a friend to a self-defense class.  When she walks in unprepared she captures the eye of the dojo's owner and sensei, Ronin Black.  His dominance brings out her feisty side and it's a battle of wills.  Ronin is hot, mysterious, driven and totally alpha.  
When Amery experiences a break-in at her graphic design office, Ronin, is the one that steps in to take care of her.  He makes it know that he wants her, but takes his time building the anticipation.  When he binds her hands during their passionate trysts, she finds she enjoys it.  But when he tries to pushes her further and take her into his playroom, she freaks out and is unsure if they have a future together. 

Amery learns Ronin is considered a shibari and kinbaku rope master, which is the technique of using ropes to create sensual, dramatic, and erotic bondage.   After seeing his tasteful demonstration at a sex club she realizes it's a part of who he is and she happily becomes a willing participant. But their relationship is put to the test again when she finds out Ronin has been keeping a huge secret from her.  Will they end up together?

"You have my name etched on your skin, Amery. I considered that a sign." His eyes met hers again. "Wouldn't you?"

I really enjoyed this book.  It is not your typical BDSM....there are no floggers, whips or safe words.  It's a quick and easy read and I guarantee you won't be able to resist Ronin.  But be prepared the ending will leave you wondering if they will end up together!  Only to be answered in the next installment, Unwound, which I'm really looking forward to.

4/5 Fangs

MrsLeif's Review

Amery Hardwick is an independent woman. She has her own business and is trying to make it successful by her merit alone. Her relationship with her parents is not the best. After her employee is attacked she decides to accompany her to a self defense class. When she gets there, she realizes the rules of the Dojo are not to be broken and she finds herself disagreeing with the owner and sensei Ronin Black.

Ronin is not used to people questioning or breaking his rules. To his surprise he likes the defiance Amery brings and he can't seem to stay away from her.  When the two get together, Amery discovers he's a rope master and she is intrigued by the sensual routine . The more they get to know each other, the more right they seem to be for each other. When secrets are revealed, it all can end up destroying them.

“I'm afraid that I'll find out that I don't have any boundaries at all when it comes to you.” 

I liked the story. It was different. There is no physical pain and I loved the way the characters get introduced. Amery had a backbone which is a basic component for a good heroine. I do understand why Amery was upset with Ronin. His lack of communication drove me insane. 

To get the girl you are going to need to open up sensei!

Cliffhanger: Yes (but book 2 is out)
4/5 Fangs

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