Sunday, February 16, 2014

Moore to Lose (Needing Moore #2) by Julie A. Richman

Moore To Lose
At the beginning of the book Mia is recuperating from her fall and luckily she didn't loose the baby.
Then it becomes about Mia and her twenty four years apart from Schooner.
When Mia leaves L.A. and moves back to New York, she is in college and after a few months she starts having a crush on her professor Tom.

"The point of this, Mia, is you are with me in my head and my heart all the time. You have gotten under my skin because you are so real and you’re real with me and I love that. I need that. I need you. I do.” He was looking at her earnestly and shaking his head. “I need you and I want you and I have waited for tonight for what seems like an eternity. And everything about what I’ve just said is so unlike me. And I really kind of like it. And I feel like I’m eighteen again and I just want to be your boyfriend."

Tom is a player but he seems to change and truly care for Mia. However, Mia doesn't love him and it's hard for her to open up to him about her attack.
Later on she meets Michael.
Oh Michael, I sure loved you.  You made me cry. It was so hard reading about you. I'm so sorry. You were perfect. A good guy with a great heart who truly loved Mia. During this period I was "who is Schooner?". I kept on telling Mia not to screw things up with you.

“I love you enough that I don’t want to be apart from you. I love you enough that I want to wake up tomorrow morning and smush up next to you and try and convince you to go in late to work. I love you enough that I want to snuggle on the couch with you tomorrow night, eat Chinese food from containers and watch TV. I love you enough that I want to stand in the rain and watch you teach kids from Harlem about rowing. I love you enough that I don’t want to be wondering what it is you are doing because I know what you are doing."

In the last few chapters we get to see Mia and Schooner in the present but then something tears them apart again and this book does end with a cliffhanger.

Schooner you need to man up or Mia will leave you buddy.  You need to get your priorities straight.

This book is not what I expected. At times it was hard to relate to Mia. She was hurting and she was acting out. She did some things that were unhealthy for her.  If it wasn't for the support of her great friends who knows where she should be.  I still like Mia. She is funny, spontaneous and speaks her mind.
Schooner, I kind of miss you in this book except when Michael was in the picture. I know you have to be the HEA. Go get your Baby Girl back.

“Schooner … ”
 “Yeah, Baby Girl … ” 
“It’s smoochal.”

4/5 Fangs


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