Monday, September 24, 2012

Somebody To Love by Kristan Higgins

Parker Welles has lost her fortune. Or I should say her father lost their fortune in an insider-trade scheme. She decides to sell a home in Gideon's Cove, Maine. But first she has to fix it before she can flip it. To her surprise her father's lawyer James Cahill comes to the rescue. Not only is he here to give her support but has brought his toolbox to help her rebuild it. Parker is rude (kept calling him Thing One) at the beginning but the more she gets to know him, the more wrong she thinks she has been about him. It also helps that they have a past together. James calls her Princess.
Parker who writes children' s books has lost her muse. She starts working as a florist. She also befriends Maggie and helps her with the flowers for her wedding.
I have been expecting this book for a long time. They are a treat. the best part about this book besides the main characters falling in love, is that we see glimpses of two other very important couples from 2 different books: The Next Best Thing (Lucy and Ethan) and Catch of the Day (Malone and Maggie). 
Spoiler Fangalert: We get more than a glimpse about Maggie and Malone's life and their wedding- which was my one complaint in Catch of the Day not knowing more about Malone.
4/5 Fangs

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