Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grave Memory by Grave Memory
Alex Craft #3

The third installment begins with Alex convincing Rianna to join her in a new office in a bad neighborhood. As always, we see Rianna with her barghest, Desmond by her side. After convincing her to join, they hear a loud noise. Someone has jumped off a building. When Alex gets close to the scene, she hears the ghost denying killing himself. Rianna gives their business card to a cop to be given to the widow. The widow hires them to find the truth. Uncovering serial suicides or not is the main mystery is this book.

We see more of the Fae and especially one of her truce parties. Falin is still under the dominance of the Winter Queen. Most of the book Death is away. Of course, he always shows up at the most needed time.

Let me tell you, Death was great before but after this book- He is awesome. His scenes (when he can stay for longer than a page) are amazing. I just wished that the triangle resolves. There is no need. Death is the man, Ms. Price just needs to find a way for it to work. That as a whole could be the main premise of the book. Don't get me wrong Falin is a good character too but not like Death. I wanna know everything about Death including his real name. A couple of new secondary characters are welcome including Mending guy and Briar.

4/5 Fangs (mostly because of Death scenes and not a 5 because not enough death in the first half of the book.)

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