Sunday, September 30, 2012

Resurrected Book 1 The Vampire Legacy by Morgan Rice

Resurrected is the first book in the Vampire Legacy.

We meet a happy family. Mom is Caitlin, Dad is Caleb (nice name) and perfect daughter is Scarlet.
Everything is happy in this perfect family. They are all excited about Scarlet's sixteenth birthday. Caitlin has bought her daughter's favorite cake and will give her her grandmother's necklace as a gift. Scarlet surprises them by bringing Blake, her friend to their home. Everyone accepts this including her dad after a few comments. This will be their last normal day.
When Caitlin remembers her old books given to her by her grandmother, during her sleepless night, she decides to read them. In them, she discovers she used to be a vampire and now Scarlet is becoming one too. Too late, Scarlet has started her change, she is sent home sick from school and then escapes. When she finally reappears the next day, everyone has been looking for her. Scarlet hates the attention and wants to go to school. She is worried about Blake and the mean girls group.
We also meet Sage, an immortalist who has been selected to deal with the last known vampire, Scarlet.
The end of the book is a little bit abrupt. I haven't read the Vampire journals which comes first. Maybe if I did I will have enjoyed this book more.
2/5 Fangs

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