Monday, September 24, 2012

For You (The 'Burg #1) by Kristen Ashley

Lieutenant Alexander Colton and February Owens were meant to be. They were high school sweethearts and everyone thought they were going to be together forever. When a horrible misunderstanding takes place and leaves Feb with a bad reputation, she moves away and marries. Unfortunately, she marries someone who continuously abuses her. When the abuse almost killed her, Colt interferes. 
Fifteen years later, she is back in town working for her parent's bar as a bartender. Her brother works with her. 
The town discovers there is evil surrounding them when a serious of murders happened. All can be linked to Feb. Colt can't stand it any longer and decides to protect her even if she doesn't want him near her. 
Little by little the are able to surpass old scars and they rekindle their love. 
The books has plenty of mystery. But what is almost palpable if the pain the main characters have suffered. 
This is a good book. I still love Colorado/Rock Chick and Dream man more.
It pains me to give it a 3.5 /5 Fangs.

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