Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Supermodel's Best Friend by Gretchen Galway

Lucy Hathcoat has recently been dumped by her fiancee. She can't believe she wasted all those years with him. To makes matter worse her best friend is getting married to a billionaire. Her best friend is a famous supermodel. After after thinking about it, she decides that maybe a change in venue will help her meet a new guy she can start a family with.
Miles Girard's best friend is getting married. He recently became single and is happy for his freedom. he is happy with his job and is not looking for anything serious, why then is he having this encounters with Lucy, the woman wants a commitment and he is not interested in one. Or is he?
The book has some funny parts. I had a problem with Lucy trying to find a man to marry. It felt a little desperate.
2/5 Fangs

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