Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yours To Hold by Darcy Burke

Four years ago Kyle Archer left his family and moved to Florida after having a falling out with his best friend and father.  He has a huge family and they don’t understand what happened or why he left.  When one of his brothers commits suicide it forces Kyle to come home and face his siblings, parents, and best friend. 

On a mission to find out who gave his brother the drugs he used to kill himself, Kyle meets Maggie.  Maggie is the therapist his brother used before he died.  At first what he feels for Maggie is pure anger.  After the anger subsides he starts feeling something else completely.   Even though Maggie couldn’t help his brother, maybe she can help Kyle overcome his brother’s death, accept his past and the secret he harbors, and make amends with his best friend and dad.


This was the first time reading anything by Darcy Burke and I was pleasantly surprised when I finished YOURS TO HOLD.  The characters had so much depth and I felt everything they felt.  I mourned the loss of the brother and my heart broke Kyle, his parents, and siblings. 

Maggie was such a strong character.  Even though she felt flawed and broken, she was the strength behind Kyle. 

Reading YOURS TO HOLD, I’ve realized that some of my favorite books are the huge-family-everyone’s-in-your-business books.  I loved the Archer family connection and how they all worked together.  They were fiercely loyal and fiercely protective.  I am so excited for the next book.

If you’re looking for a hot, semi-suspenseful story about a character that's describe as a “blonde god” pick up YOURS TO HOLD.  You will not be disappointed. 


*Complimentary copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review!*

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