Monday, March 2, 2015

Stealing Rose (The Fowler Sisters #2)
by Monica Murphy

This series just keeps getting better.  Caden stole my heart, right from the start. 

Rose is the youngest Fowler sister and she's questioning her place at Fleur Cosmetics. Feeling a little unsettled and reckless, she skinny dips at a film festival in Cannes, hoping to get a sexy stranger to join her.  Instead, he shocks her by walking away.

She stops over in London, a few days later, to spend time with Violet and to contemplate her future.  What she doesn't expect is to run into the sexy stranger, Caden Kingsley.  There's an undeniable connection between them from the moment they meet.  It starts off with a stolen moment in a bathroom and ends up with him staying with her for a few weeks.  Weeks they spend wrapped up in each other. It's so HOT! 

"You make me . . . feel things I've never experienced before, Ro.  You've changed me."

The only problem, Caden hasn't opened up and shared much of anything about himself.  Rose has no idea who he really is outside of their little bubble. They are from two totally different worlds.  If she found out the truth, would she still want him?  It's so worth the read to find out!

There were so many things that made this a great read for me.  The tender and unexpected moments throughout and of course, Caden.  Despite knowing his intentions, it was impossible not to fall for him.  He was tough and maybe even a little arrogant at times, but he had a vulnerability about him that I couldn't get enough of.  I was so anxious about whether or not he was going to go through with his original plan, it was heart-stopping!  In my eyes, it played out perfectly.

"I'm not good enough for you, Rose."

What's also great about this series is the dynamics between the sisters.  They all have a certain view of themselves and their place in the family, but the other sisters see it totally different.  It's funny.  Seeing  Ryder and Violet living happily in London was fun.  And Lily stepping up to be the supportive big sister has me really excited for her book.  I highly recommend this series. 

4.5 Fangs
*Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

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