Sunday, March 22, 2015

Shade (The Last Riders #6) by Jamie Begley

This book was intense. You know how you hate to read the same book form a different POV sometimes? Maybe because you feel like it’s exactly the same book or maybe because you don’t like the characters as much, or you feel like the hero/heroine is annoying you.  Well, this is nothing like that.
Jamie Begley has given us Shade’s POV. It recounts his love for Lily from the moment he meets her and recognizes that she is the only person who has made him feel something more than loyalty. It’s his recounting of his desire and love for a woman with many problems. It’s full of heartache but also great happiness. 

Shade is the combination of 10 books by Jamie Begley. You get more than Shade’s POV. You get the reactions of the heroes from his eyes, he sees them falling in love even before they realize they have fallen. Shade has been there for all of them, in disguise, indirectly but he has always been there for the Last Riders and the people they love.
I love these characters and I love getting a little more insight into what was happening to them through Shade’s eyes. 
Nothing prepared me for the ending. I couldn’t stop thinking about this series for a few days. 

I’m dying to get more of Jamie’s characters. I want Lucky (Willa), Train (Killyama) and Rider’s story (Jo?). Also Rachel’s brothers ( Greer/Holly?), Penni, Ax, Crazy Bitch, and T.A. 
One last thing, I want to own all of their IOUs.

"Tonight, I want to hold you in my arms, knowing that you’re taking one breath after another. That, when I wake in the morning, your beautiful face will be on the pillow next to mine, and tomorrow night, when I go to bed, you’ll be by my side again. Day after day, night after night.”

5/5 Fangs

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