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Stay with Me (Wait for You #3) by J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout

Stay with Me
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There is something about JLA's writing that captivates me. I love all of her series and her characters. She is a must buy for me. If she writes it, I'll read it. This book was not any different.

Jackson "Jax" James (who doesn't love that name??) is working at the bar owned by Calla's drug addict mother Mona.  Jax is reliable, trustworthy, an ex-marine. He's into Calla from the moment she walks into the bar.  Calla thinks he may be Cam 2.0 and even though I feel I little sick saying it, I agree.  I loved Cam but Jax made me fall in love with him too.

Calla Fritz's life has been hard. She's at college trying to finish her nursing school and getting a new beginning. Her childhood was nothing to envy. Her mother was intoxicated most of the time and bringing new male company around her house all the time. This time her mother has disappeared which is not unusual but she has taken away with Calla's college money. Calla has no choice but to go back to her childhood town. Meeting Jax and getting a job at the bar gives her a new purpose while looking for her mother. Unfortunately, Mona owes money to bad guys and soon the bad guys want to use Calla as a message to her mother but Jax is there to protect her.

I felt bad for Calla, she had a terrible childhood. Her father walked out and her mother was selfish. She has missed on doing so much. I was glad when she met Jax and he started fulfilling the many things Calla had been missing.

Jax was perfect, just like Cam. He was as usual a hot guy but he was more than that. He was patient, loyal, protective and careful with Calla. He won me over form the first moment at the bar. 

 "An unofficial member of the Hot Guy Brigade"

As secondary characters go, I want to know more about Katie Barbara, the stripper who hurt her head falling from the pole and now having the "gift".

Let's not forget the tension between Roxy and Reese was palpable. I hope they get a book soon. Especially after the "I don't serve him."comment.

I also loved that we get a cameo of Kyler and Sydney from Frigid.

JLA keep the Hot Guy Brigade alive.....

“Where do you think I should be working at?”
“I don’t know.” Sitting back, I brushed my hair off my forehead and sighed. “Maybe at Hot Guys R Us.”
His brows flew up. “So, you think I’m hot.”

Cliffhanger :  No

4.5/5 Fangs

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