Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mortal Ties (World of the Lupi #9) by Eileen Wilks

Mortal Ties
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A new adventure for Lily Yu and Rule Turner begins in Mortal Ties. They are going to San Francisco when a prototype with great potential is stolen from Cullen's workshop at Clanhome. Rule and Lily discovered that the thief's name is Jasper Machek and he has ties to Rule. Beth, Lily's sister finds herself involved with someone who brings danger close to her, and the worst news is that Robert Friar is alive and kicking and the elves seems to be helping him.  Cullen, Beth and Lily seem to be a target. When more than one person close to them is kidnapped, it's a race to find them while keeping each other alive.

It's being a while since I read this series. Yet, it was comfortable getting back to these characters. In a way they are the same except more mature. Taking less risks. Lili has even accepted the need to have bodyguards. Cullen is seriously committed to one woman. Cynna makes the right choices in deference to her new position.
I embraced the new characters: Jasper, Tony Romano, Murray and Alycithin. I like Tony and I liked Murray and his cute puppy eyes and I hope we get to see them find love too.
One character I missed dearly was Benedict and I hope to see him back in the next book.

"She was funny and tender and tough and, yes, sometimes a pain in the ass. She was the light of his life, and he knew all too well what it was to fear for the one you loved. "

Cliffhanger :  No

4/5 Fangs

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