Saturday, June 11, 2011

Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews

Disclaimer: I love this series, so I may not be impartial about this review.

The fifth book in the series starts with Kate Daniels opening a new company called The Cutting Edge Investigations. It is conveniently located between the pack and the Vamps territory. Unfortunately, it is hard for her to get new clients, due to the Order's rumors against her.

Andrea returns to the city after a two-month absence. She has lost her job with the Order of Merciful Aid. She becomes Kate's first employee. Thanks to Curran she gets two more in the form of a young Bouda(Ascanio) and Derek.

Her first client is looking for a missing scientist, Adam Kamen and the device he created. We soon learn the device is able to kill anything magical and it is in the hands of an extremist group, The Lighthouse Keepers.

Kate is in a race to find the scientist who has been kidnapped and to stop the extremist group from hurting anyone she cares about.

The action scenes, the banter between his Furriness and his Consort, Kate's love for Julie and Curran are what make this series wonderful to read.

Many times, a writer will try to delay the love between the heroine and HEA and then some of us will lose interest in those books. Ilona Andrews knows how to keep the action and love alive. She is proof there is no mistake in making them a couple earlier, this may be because Ilona Andrews is really a team (Ilona and Gordon).

I love the way these two characters interact with each other. Between babycakes and sugar woogums this book will make you laugh and will make you cry.

If you haven't read this series you need to start today. I recommend reading them in order and Gordon Andrews writes the Curran's POV. 

A taste:

We walked to the car. I was so tired, I could barely move.
Today was apparently the day for finding out what mating with me really meant. I nodded at the men. “One of them has my blood on his forehead. The blood must be destroyed or it can give me away if someone scans it.”
Curran gave me a look usually reserved for the mentally challenged. “Someone would have to find the bodies, first.”
Behind him the sounds of enraged boudas tore through the silence, followed by a cacophony of screams.
“In that case, cut off his head,” I said.
Curran gave me a look like I was stupid.
“My father made the damn vampires. I don’t know what my blood will do to a dead body. Cut off the guy’s head before you bury him.”
“Should I stuff his mouth with garlic?”

Just as a side note I want to say how nice it was of Gordon and Ilona to thank Noa on the acknowledgments.

5/5 Fangs

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