Sunday, June 5, 2011

Curse the Dawn( Cassandra Palmer, #4) by Karen Chance

Book 4 is full of action.

Cassie has a meeting with the Silver Circle, against Mircea's wishes. She gets kidnapped by the Silver Circle and someone wanting revenge wants her dead. Pritkin follows her into the ley line and jumps after her just before it breaks and destroys MAGIC.

She helps save many prisoners with the help of Rafe, Marlowe, a new mage, Caleb and Pritkin.

While trying to save the kids who are taken by the Silver Circle she unknowingly switches bodies with Pritkin, which leads to many funny moments. Cassie also gets bad news, she learns her dad may be a dark necromancer. Pritkin is there to say just the right thing.

Mircea is present in this book, but seems to keep Cassie in the dark to protect her.

The secondary characters are always making this series fun. We have Casanova, Kit, Francoise, Tami, the kids, Billy Joe, Augustine (the designer), Marco( the new bodyguard), Jonas Marsden (ex chief of the Silver Circle) and his demon dog, Sal and Alphonse.

Apollo is also back and wants her dead. She is betrayed by someone close to the family.

Pritkin gets badly hurt but feeding from Cassie saves him.(It is hot in here)

Funny lines are all over the book.

"Caleb looked at Prinkin. "Did she just tell me not to panic? "

"She doesn't know you "

"Guess not "

He finally noticed my expression and frowned. "Are you all right "

"fine "

"You don't look fine "

'I am trying to remember all the reasons you are indispensable and can't be killed slowly and painfully "

In some ways, this book reminds me of Kim Harrison's Rachel. Always in trouble. I enjoyed this series and can't wait for book 5. Luckily is almost here.

4/5 Fangs