Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hunt the Moon (Cassandra Palmer, Book 5) by Karen Chance

Cassie is preparing for her coronation as Pythia, the chief seer of the supernatural world. She is learning to use her abilities to defend herself. Although, being thrown from a cliff maybe to much, Pritkin!
In an earlier book, Cassie's life has been in danger through Mircea's survival. If Mircea dies no one will protect Cassie as a child and she will not survive. In this book, through time traveling we meet  Cassie's parents. If Cassie's mother is killed, she will never been born. Cassie's mother is being attacked by Dark Mages -on steroids. And just because Apollo is dead, it doesn't mean the other Gods are gone too.
We learned more about Mircea's and Pritkin's past.
Marco, her bodyguard is extremely funny and tender at times. Specially, when he just holds her while she is crying.
The book is action packed but also has many tender moments. The balcony scene, the shower scene, Mircea's declaration, Ruth's death, the last chapter.
Karen Chance gives both love interests plenty of time. To me, Mircea is more like a father figure, security for Cassie. Someone she has known her whole life. But, he also treats her like a child and can be over protective. On the other hand, Pritkin believes in her. He thinks she can be the best and beyond. She is her equal. They disagree but they trust each other. In most UF books is easy to pick an HEA, Mrs. Chance makes it very difficult but not impossible. My heart goes out to Pritkin.
I hope the next installment  comes out soon. I just can't wait to see what Cassie does. Who will she take with her?Is Prtikin and Cassie going to be together?What Mircea will do if she chooses Pritkin?
A taste:

And yes, I still want to touch Pritkin's hair

4.5/5 Fangs


  1. I like David Beckham as Pritkin!! :)

  2. I like the guys, though personally I thought Pritkin wasn't supposed to be traditionally handsome, and his nose is supposed to be larger. He's supposed to have a rugged look and none of these guys do to me.