Sunday, June 5, 2011

Claimed by Shadow (Cassandra Palmer, #2) by Karen Chance

Cassie is back. Part clairvoyant (mother's gift), and ghost communicator (father's legacy).

The book starts at Dante's. We meet Casanova (an incubus) who has information on Tony. But, he can't release the information without getting in trouble with his master. He, however, alerts her of the geis, a powerful spell cast on her that binds and claims her to Mircea. This spell makes her sick if she tries to have sex with anyone else except Mircea or someone approved by him, like Tomas. She learns this the hard way with some Pritkin interaction.

The Dark circle is still after she and Myra is trying to kill Mircea in the past which will leave Cassie unprotected.

She comes to an understanding with Pritkin and they travel to Faerie. Things don't go well there and they are captured. She is able to get the full mantle of the Pythia power by losing her virginity to Tomas. But the geis is not removed by this. She makes a deal with the Dark Fey and promises to find the Codex. The book has a spell to remove the geis. She leaves Tomas in Faerie(yay!). She brings with her Francoise and Radella.

In the end, she gets help from Agnes (Lady Phemonoe) her predecessor.

This was a reread for me. I stopped reading this series two years ago. I was upset that she slept with Tomas. Thankfully, my friends told me to keep reading. I did and I am not sorry.

Mircea and Pritkin are great characters. I love how Pritkin can be annoying and wonderful at times.

3/5 Fangs

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