Sunday, June 19, 2011

Afterlight (Dark Ink Chronicles, Book 1) by Elle Jasper

Riley Poe is the owner of a tattoo parlor. She lives in Savannah with her brother Seth. She is a reformed junkie. Her life is very stable.

One night Seth and his friends (all teenagers) enter the crypt were vampires have been resting for years.They unleash two very powerful vampires, the Arcoses. These vampires start using them as minions. Seth and his friends are forced to obey them and take humans to them as new prey and if not stopped the kids will become vampire themselves and will be ruled by the desire to kill humans. The quickening or transformation takes one month to complete.

When she finds herself in trouble she seeks her friend and guardian, Preacher who takes her to meet the Dupre family. They are vampires who had a pact with the Gullah for years. She meets Phin, Luc, Josie and Eli. Eli, the oldest son is assigned as her bodyguard.

It turns out that Riley possesses a special type of blood that vampires crave. The Dupre family has been using certain herbs and Gullah blood for centuries. This controls their hunger to kill.

I enjoyed this book very much. The music Riley plays, the description of her artwork made me want to get dragon tattoos myself (even though, I am ink-less), I want to get pink and red highlights like her. I love the cover and I thought Eli and Riley were a great team.

The addition of Victorian as one of the Arcoses and his interest in Riley will make a great second book.

3.5/5 Fangs


  1. Was a fast, easy read, and I kept picturing Eli from EJ's site. Very nice! I'm not sure I'll read the 2nd one now though. I read it had a big cliffhanger and I don't want to wait until May for the 3rd book.