Monday, August 5, 2013

Revealing Us (Inside Out #3) by Lisa Renee Jones

Revealing Us
The ARC was provided by the author in return for an honest review.
Third installment in the Inside Out series.

Sara decides to leave her life behind and follow Chris to Paris.  She knows this is where she will learn the rest of his secrets.  The reason for his darkness.
Sara also wants to know what happened to her best friend Ella.   She wants to find her.  She wants to make sure she is safe specially since Rebecca is gone.
But not everything is perfect.  As soon as she gets to Paris her passport is stolen.  Chris's ex lover is taunting her and her life might be in danger.
Sara goes from happiness to jealousy pretty fast sometimes.  But not everything is crazy.  She makes new friendships and has an idea of what her future work might be.

I liked this book too.  I really enjoyed the whole series.
As a reader I will recommend them.  The characters are lively and multi dimensional.  My major complaint is the lack of Mark in this one.  I know his novella is coming out soon (can't wait!!) and I hope he gets his own series.
Also, it's implied we will get more Ella.
I don't want to see these characters disappear.  I want them to hang around for a while.
4/5 Fangs

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