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More Than This

In one night my fairytale ended. Or it may have begun. This is my story of friendship and love, heartbreak and desire, and the strength to show weakness.

One night I met a girl. A sad and broken girl, but one more beautiful than any other. She laughed through her sadness, while I loved through her heartbreak.

*This is our story of a maybe ever after.*

He was right. It made no difference whether it was 6 months or 6 years. 
I couldn’t undo what had been done. I couldn’t change the future.
I couldn’t even predict it. 
It was one night.
One night when everything changed.
It was so much more than just the betrayal.
It was the Tragedy. 
The Deaths. 
The Murders.
But it was also that feeling.
The feeling of falling. 

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I was so lucky to score an interview with Jay. I hope you enjoy it.

I want to start by thanking you.  Your book was wonderful and made me feel so many emotions.  When I finished your book I was smiling. 

Aw, that's so good to hear. I love a happily ever after in a story. I'm glad you we're smiling

I really love Jake.  Is Jake based on someone you know?

I'd like to say he's based on my partner, haha. But no, I think he's based on every girls dream guy. I think there's at least one quality in him that most girls would want in a boyfriend/husband/their forever. 

All the secondary characters in your book especially Jake's friends and his parents were wonderful. (I wanted to be part of that crowd). 
Where do you get the inspiration for your characters?
Honestly, I had in my head Jake's group of friends, and a rough outline of what they we're going to be, but I really think it was the dynamic of Cam and Lucy that bought it all together. I'm an avid reader (if you couldn't tell from my The Sea of Tranquility reference). Before I wrote this book I used to read a book every two days. I wanted to create a character that most readers of my book could relate to and that's Lucy. I love Lucy's character and I can't wait to write more about her. 
As far as Jakes parent's go...there was no real inspiration for them, but I knew they had to play a heavy role in the story, and I was kind of aware of the amount of YA/NA books out, where parents were absent and I just wanted something different. 
What I really wanted to do with these characters was just make them real. And I think that's why a lot of people like the secondary characters.

What do you like to read when you are not writing?  Do you have a go-to author?
I like to read anything New Adult, and sometimes I like really immature cheesy Young Adult novels. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I love angst and sexual tension and the works and sometimes I prefer just light fluffy reads...but always in the romance genre. Always. 
I wouldn't say I have a go-to author, but I will always read anything by Colleen Hoover and Shay Stahl.

How would you describe your book in one sentence?
An emotional rollercoaster.

Do you listen to music while you write?  and If you do what do you listen to?
Sometimes. It depends on the scene I'm writing. When I write the emotional scenes I like to have quiet, so I can pour out as much of myself into it.

Can you tell us something about Logan's book?
Logan's book is called More Than Her and I'm hoping to have it done by the end of the year. I've actually re-written parts of it in the last few days. It continues right where More Than This finished. All the characters will be returning and additions of a couple more that weren't in the first book. We get to see a little more Cam and Lucy and Heidi and Dylan in this one.

My favorite character was Jake.  Do you have a favorite character too and why?
Apart from Jake and Kayla, i would have to say Logan. I really fell in love with him when I was writing and even before this one was complete I was already thinking of his storyline.

Which character was the hardest to write?
Kayla. Without a doubt. She was so broken, but I didn't want to make the story about her heartbreak. It was really hard to find that fine line between heartbreak and moving on...and when to do it...and how she felt during it all. Just all of it was so hard. And the hardest thing-I think-was trying to remember her age and maturity through the process. 

Which scene was your favorite?
My favorite scene was when they got home from her Aunt Lisa's wedding, when Jake's parents show her the room, and when Kayla tells Jake about how her parents met. I don't know if you picked up on it, but it was the first time that Kayla actually told Jake, without telling him directly, how she felt for him.

Do you plan on writing more books about other characters besides Logan?
I'm going to see how Logan's book goes. I was going to write a Cam and Lucy Novella, but the more i think about their story, the more I want to tell all of their story. It's a beautiful one, and one you'll get a hint of in More Than Her.

Can you tell us when Logan's book release date is?
Unfortunately no. When it's done I'll be shouting it from the rooftops.

Are you more a chocolate or an ice cream girl?
Chocolate! Because I can take it anywhere and hide the fact that I'm eating it from my kids. 

Alpha male with green, blue or brown eyes?

What do you do to relax?
I used to read, but since writing More Than This I haven't been able to concentrate on another story apart from Logan's. So, at the moment, it's write...

Do you want to tell us more about yourself?
I think I've exhausted myself to the point of your boredom.

Thank you so much for the interview. You are my first.
Yaye! I hope we both did good. You're one of my firsts too. And I'm so glad you enjoyed MTT.

Thanks for taking the time to support me.

Isn't she nice???
Thanks Jay.

About Jay McLean:
I am the author of Mature YA / New Adult contemporary novels, MORE THAN THIS and a soon to be released sequel, MORE THAN HER. I enjoy reading and writing books that make people laugh, cry and swoon for dreamy book boyfriends. When not doing either of those, I can be found looking after my two little boys, and being completely awkward in most social situations.
You can find Jay on:
Facebook Twitter - @jaymcleanauthor Blog Goodreads

Jay will be donating part of her sales from More Than This from 19th Augusts to 19th September to The Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society. Click the link for more info   Link 

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