Monday, August 26, 2013

Playing With Her Heart (Caught Up In Us #3) by Lauren Blakely

Playing With Her Heart
Jill McCormick is the new understudy in a new theater play.  This is her big break and she is ecstatic.  She finds out in person when she bumps into her new director, Davis Milo.  Of course the best way to celebrate is to invite him for a drink.  It is not because he is super attractive and gorgeous.  Not the reason.
Davis has a few rules and the first two rules is not to date the actresses.  Why is having trouble staying away from the understudy?

This book was great.  I love Davis.  He was super alpha and did the most wicked things to Jill.  Love the funnier side of both.  I like that Lauren Blakely is not big on angst which lets me enjoy the book much better.  We get cameos from all the prior couples including Trophy husband.

3.5/5 Fangs

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