Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bring Me Home by Cassia Leo
Shattered Hearts #4

Bring Me Home

Last book in the trilogy.

Claire has to make a decision. Either she stays with her first love Chris Knight or her new love Adam Parker. They both want her to make a commitment. 

Claire has so many things on her plate. She has school, Abby, her biological father and two beautiful men to deal with. The girl might just go crazy but she doesn't, she is not the shattered heart anymore.

Claire is more mature in this book. She knows what she wants pretty early on (no, no, no don't pick him! Pick the other one please! sobbing now) which was good in the angst department. All the important players have a great HEA. I was just sad that my team didn't win (I blame Cassia for this. She created a perfect character to love and I wanted him to be the choice). I still enjoy the series as a whole.

“Where we love is home” 

4/5 Fangs

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