Monday, August 12, 2013

Futures and Frosting (Chocolate Lovers #2) by Tara Sivec

Futures and Frosting
Claire Morgan's life has changed. She is living with her son Gavin and Gavin's father Carter Ellis.
Her business is thriving and she is almost 100% happy in her relationship (except maybe when she wants to kill him for snoring).
Carter is trying to find a way to propose but every time he tries something goes wrong.
Will they ever get married?

Tara is master of humor. She made me LOL constantly. After reading a book full of angst this was a perfect balm.

Things that I love:
-All her characters
-That I get both POV's
-Drew and his T shirts
-Gavin's crazy mouth.
-The scene at the sex toy store
-Claire's Mom
-Claire's Dad
-The Interview

Things that I dislike:
can't think of anything

Another great book Tara.  Thanks for making me laugh.
I leave you with two different quotes:

“I am plenty romantic. Just this morning while he slept, I had left Carter a box of his favorite candy next to his pillow - Globs: piles of white chocolate covered, crushed potato chips and pretzels drizzled with caramel. I figured it would soften him up to the note I placed next to the box telling him if he left the toilet seat up one more time and my ass got an involuntary bath at six in the morning, I would put super glue on the head of his penis while he slept. I had even signed the note with a couple of Xs and Os. Who says romance is dead?” 

“a shirt that said “Sure you can date my daughter. In a completely unrelated topic, have you seen my

4/5 Fangs

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