Sunday, August 11, 2013

Present Perfect by Alison G. Bailey

Present Perfect

Amanda Kelly has known Noah Stewart since she was born. They have been best friends. As they grow up together, new feelings grow between them but Amanda has always felt second best to her older sister. She feels she doesn't deserve him.

Noah is in love with Amanda. He wants all his firsts with her but she pushes him away constantly. How long can they stay together before crossing the line? And if they do, is it too late?

This story is heartbreaking. There is no other word to describe this book. I love Noah for everything that he says and does. He calls her Tweet which is sweet. I don't want to give the story away but the end was devastating (almost). If you read this book have a box of kleenex with you. Present Perfect made me feel a ton of emotions. Please remember there is an epilogue. Turn the page. Don't make my mistake. I thought the book was done earlier and almost missed it.

Now, I need to take ibuprofen to get rid of my sinus headache from crying.

Amanda, you can’t do anything about the past and people like us, don’t know if we have a future. The past doesn’t exist anymore. All we have is the present. The present’s perfect, young grasshopper, because we’re breathing, moving, laughing, crying, and are surprised when we finally meet someone we connect with. Stop living in the past and wasting your present. You need to tell Noah how you feel.”

“What if it’s too late and Brooke is the one who makes him happy.”
“It doesn’t matter. He deserves to know how he impacted your life. He gave you a gift. You know what it feels like to love someone. That doesn’t come along every day, at least not the real kind. You need to go thank him for that before you have to say goodbye. Everyone deserves a thank you and goodbye.”

4/5 Fangs

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