Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Lux #4


Origin begins just after the events of Opal.

Katy is in the hands of Daedalus. We meet new characters. Katy is tortured in the name of humanity and research.

Daemon will do anything to get her back, including getting himself caught if necessary.

I love Daemon. He is still funny and arrogant but he is completely in love with Katy, 

There are so many shocking events that I don't want to give away. I was expecting some of them not to be true. There are betrayals but there are also new allies in the places where you least expect them.

I was happy to see Hunter's scene from Daemon's POV.

I'm betting that Hunter and Daemon will need to work together in Opposition.

Also, let me mention Archer. I was very happy with his character and I like his storyline. Actually, I was ecstatic with it (insert grin here).

I can't finish my review without mentioning the cover. 

IT IS GORGEOUS. Pepe Toth is the perfect Daemon. 

When the movie finally comes out (I say when because it must happen) it will be very hard to find an actor that can be as great as Pepe is.

Jennifer Armentrout has become a must-read writer. Love her covenant series too and Wait for You. It's going to be hard waiting until next summer for Opposition. At least Sentinel is coming out in November.

5/5 Fangs

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