Monday, August 19, 2013

Lost and Found (Emi Lost & Found #1) by Lori L. Otto

Lost & Found
Nate Wilson and Emi Hennigan have been friends since high school.  They are best friends.  A decade later they both have multiple failed relationships.  Most of their significant others are jeaulous of Nate and Emi's friendship.  Nate loves Emi but doesn't think he is worth it.  Emi loves Nate but doesn't think she can be his ONE.

This story is frustrating at times.  I hated seeing Nate with other women.  I wanted to scream at them: How dense can you be?  Nate loves you. You love Nate.  Just say it. JUST SAY IT!!!
Just when I thought everything is finally right in this world everything crumbles.  Don't know if I can continue this series.
3/5 Fangs.

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