Monday, July 18, 2011

Twice Dead (Haven #2) by Kalayna Price

The second book in the Haven Series. This is a reread for me. Yes, I enjoyed it more the second time around.

Kita is in trouble again. She is summoned by the Council to attend a vampire party in honor of a visiting master vampire, the Collector. One of her humans is murdered and Kita is the one who discovers the body. This makes her the center of the attention and a suspect. The truth-seeker confirms she was not the murderer. But, when more dead headless bodies start appearing this starts a vampire politics war.

The Collector, a very powerful vampire is interested in Kita, after all, she likes to acquire unusual things and a shapeshifter calico cat turned vampire qualifies as one.

Kita is pulled in many ways and used as a pawn. Gil, the mage apprentice is following her and writing her thesis based on her life. At the same time, she is helping her figure out if there are more shifter rogues created by Kita. We have a necromancer wanting a new body as a form of payment on a debt, the Collector wanting her to find a shapeshifter to add to the master vampire entourage, Bobby wanted to take her back to Firth, her attraction to Nathanial is increasing and not knowing if these are her feelings or a vampire side effect from sharing blood. In this mist of all this Tatius, the King of Haven/Puppet Master wants to take her away from Nathanial and is trying to bind her to him.

This second book is full of action. I still like Nathanial as the HEA. He has a lot of patience and he cares for her. His mask of aloofness slips several times. Also, they share their first kiss (super excited here!!)
After I finished this book I was upset I have to wait until the fall to get book three.

A taste:

 gasped, shivering in his arms. A dark sound tumbled
from his throat, something between a growl and a moan, and
he pressed harder against me, his hips grinding against mine.
My fingers trailed through his water-soaked hair, following the
strands down to where they plastered to his chest, exposed
below his torn shirt. I ripped the material further so I could
feel more of the hard planes of his smooth flesh.
His mouth locked on mine.
 4/5 Fangs

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