Monday, July 11, 2011

Devil Without a Cause by Terri Garey

Devil Without a Cause
The Devil's Bargain #1
Terri Garey

Gabriel, the Archangel, comes to meet Samuel (Prince of Darkness/Devil/Satan) and offers him a chance at redemption. If he can save the soul of one female then Gabriel may be able to put a good word for him in heaven. Gabriel is trying to save Samuel's soul since he cares for his "brother".

Samuel has to save Faith McFarland. Faith has a son, Noah who has been recently diagnosed with brain cancer. In order to save his life, she strikes a deal with the Devil. Her job is to steal a magical ring from a famous rock star, Finn Payne. What Faith doesn't know is that the ring belongs to the Devil and it is the reason why Finn became famous in the first place. Without the ring, Finn will lose his soul to Sammy who has been waiting for twenty years.

When Finn stays at the hotel where she works she takes this opportunity to meet him, takes him to his room and is able to spend the night with him. In the morning she takes off with the ring but Finn discovers this promptly. He finds Faith and kidnaps her as well as her son. They are taken to his private island where he tries to seduce her and make her give up the ring.

Who will win at the end, a desperate mother trying to save her son's life by losing the man she loves or the Rock star who doesn't want to give up his soul to the Devil but has fallen in love with a woman and her child?

I enjoyed this story, the devil is not so bad after all. I found myself rooting for him at times. His interaction with Gabriel was amusing.
After reading this book, I learned that this author has another series where Sammy was mentioned. It will be interesting to read.

Looking forward to a second book.

3.5/5 Fangs

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