Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trueblood Season 4 Episode 4

Disclaimer: I love Eric and Alexander Skarsgard (AS).

If you have seen my blog, you will know that I started reading paranormal books just a few years back. I watched the first season of TB as a marathon on New Year's. When I noticed that the show was based on books, I had to buy the books. I bought the first seven as a deal from Amazon. Those were my first vampire books. Never read about Anne Rice or any other writers until then. I have to thank Charlaine Harris for it.

Book 4 is my favorite. Amnesic Eric (AE) was just perfectly written.
This season on TB is all about Book 4. Yes, the books differ tremendously from the series. Laffy dies in book 1, Hot Shot is not a meth center, Bill does sleep with Portia (despite being related in some way), Bill is never King, etc.

There are so many thing that I liked about the episode. Eric's vulnerability, miissing the sun and depressed about it. Saying "I am real". His "high" on Faerie, pinching Sookie's butt, "catch me Sookie", "if you kiss me I promise to be happy", all adorable and perfectly performed by AS. His parts were the best (again, not impartial here).
I like the way Anna is portraying Sookie this season. Her hair and make up are better, she is dressing better. She LIED to Bill. Loved it!! She was defending a vulnerable vampire. She knows Bill is not a fan of Eric. She had no problem trusting Alcide instead.
Joe does a good job portraying a werewolf. I wonder how much exercise he does a day to keep that physique (I met him last year and he is buff). I don't think he should trust Debbie. I like that he is a good friend to Sookie.
Poor Jason, getting raped by all those women. He will get better thanks to Jess, but maybe he will get infatuated with her. We know blood will make him dream about her which will create more problems with her current situation with Hoyt.
The witches plot- the best part is Laffy trying to survive. Now, hurting Pam is not acceptable. She is awesome. She delivers the best lines in the show most of the time. Who will heal her? Eric?
Sams story line tells me a werewolf will fight him. I wonder if he will shape shift to a werewolf too. He has bad luck in love.
Arlene's baby, evil? or is it the doll? We will have to wait and see.
I know at some point it will be back to Sookie and Bill, but until then I will enjoy the show.

Favorite Lines:
"You can't have any more. There isn't anymore. You drank the whole faerie and you are going to your room"
"Let me rub some dirt on that"
"If you kiss me I promise to be happy"


  1. Great review! I totally agree, and it was nice to see Anna play a nicer Sookie this season. How could anyone be grumpy doing scenes with Alex and Joe! :)

  2. Yes, this episode was great. An Anna without Bill is more mature and likeable