Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Torn (Connections #2) by Kim Karr

I would strongly recommend reading Connected before you read Torn.

Torn starts just where Connected left us. And what an ending that was!

I fell in love with River almost at the same time Dahlia did but in this installment it is pretty hard not to fall further in love with him..
He was everything Dahlia needed.  Very protective, supportive and yes majorly alpha.  He made his feelings clear to Dahlia. Yes, he made mistakes.  He hide things he shouldn't but his heart was in the right place.
Dahlia spent sometime being confused.  Someone that she loved dearly is back in the picture and she doesn't know if she should still love them or let them go.  She thought she was happy and in love with River until this chaos was brought back into her life.

What I love the most about this book is that Kim didn't make us suffer through a lengthy triangle.  Pretty soon we know where Dahlia's heart is going and I couldn't agree more with her decision.  Very happy with the conclusion of Torn.

There are some seeds planted for future books and I already added Xander's book to my TBR.  I'm sure it will be amazing.

"My father always told us that scars are the road maps to one's soul.  It took me forever to figure out what he meant, but I did when I met you."

4/5 Fangs

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