Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Connected (Connections #1) by Kim Karr

Dahkia London is in love with two men. One she has known for years. The other one she met only once.

“When our eyes connected it felt like minutes, in reality it was mere seconds. At that moment, something happened inside of me. The connection was like nothing I’d ever felt before. It was an electric pull that willed me in and forced me to keep looking at him….could love at first sight even exist when you were already in love with someone else?”

Fate is a killer and when she looses everything it takes her a very long time for her to decide to join the living again.

River Wilde is the lead singer of the Wilde Ones.  He met Dahlia once but he never forgot her.  When he meets her again he decides he won't let her leave him this time. But can he compete with a ghost?

“I never imagined I could feel so connected to anyone as much as I feel connected to you. I knew I loved you from the moment I saw you. How could I not? Loving you is as easy as breathing.”

This book took me by surprise.  Dahlia's loss felt real.  It was extremely sad seeing her loosing someone she loved.  She was devastated and as a reader, you felt everything she felt.  I cried when she cried.  Luckily she had great friends to help her through.  I also thought that she made the right choice the first time she met River.  I'm also glad she didn't hesitate the second time.

River was honest. He didn't play games and he was determined to get the girl.  I liked him a lot.  He gave her space in regards to her grief and even though, he felt jealous he never showed her.
Now, the ending- it was a killer.

"Ever since I met you, no one else has been worth thinking about."

4/5 Fangs

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