Sunday, October 20, 2013

Craving Constellations (The Aces #1) by Nicole Jacquelyn

Craving Constellations
Brenna is running away from her crazy husband and is taking her daughter with her.  There is only one place she feels safe and surprisingly it's the Motorcycle Club she left behind five years ago.  Ironic that she ran away from the MC and now she is back. She will face her father and will face the man she left behind, Dragon.

Dragon can't believe Brenna is back in his life. He fell for her 5 years ago and it seems like she is still has a hold on him despite him having someone in his life.

“I know, baby. I know you needed control. But with me, you aren’t gonna get it.” 

This book consumed me. From the first page I was hooked. I didn't put it down until I finished it.  It was amazing.  I love MC books and this one didn't disappoint me.  It is written in dual POV's.
Brenna and Dragon had huge chemistry.

“But I don’t hate you. I’ve fuckin’ craved you for years. Watchin’ the stars. Tattooing those constellations on before the ink you used could wear off. I’ll never stop wanting you, even when I’m so pissed I could knock you across a fuckin’ room.”

Brenna had made some tough decisions and I didn't blame her.  She has suffered but she knew when enough was enough.
Dragon was awesome.  He could be sweet too.  He made one mistake but I think being able to read what he was feeling helped tremendously.

“Kiss your man. Been a long day, I’m fuckin’ ready for it to be over.” 

Nicole is a new author to watch. I will read the next book without a doubt.

4.5/5 Fangs

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