Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In Too Deep (In Too Deep #1) by Michelle Kemper Brownlow

In Too Deep
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

In Too Deep is the story of Gracie Jordan who falls in love with a college boy who has a reputation for sleeping around.  Gracie worked at the same pizza place and at he beginning she tried to avoid Noah. Noah pursues Gracie until he finally has her.
They make plans to get together at the same college. Gracie transfers to Knoxville to be closer to Noah.
Noah moves into a fraternity and this is where everything goes wrong. The parties, the girls, the lying.
Poor Gracie suffers tremendously.  Her savior comes in the form of Noah's ex roommate, Jake Rockwell.
Jake is everything Gracie needs.  He listens to her. He gives her advise.  He is her shoulder to cry.  But is it too late to break away from Noah?

This is the story of emotional abuse. It is the story of an innocent girl who got in too deep with the wrong boy. Not everyone is willing to change and Noah is the perfect example. The things that he does and says are so cruel.
I'm just glad that Gracie had Jake.  Jake was the real hero in this novel. He was Gracie's support and friend through it all.

“There you go.” He smiled a smile that took my breath away. 
“Smiles, holding hands, sunshine, two hearts intertwined, two people walking in the same direction…what’s the word for that description, Gracie?” 

“Soul mates.”

3/5 Fangs

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