Thursday, October 31, 2013

Seduce (Beautiful Rose 0.5) by Missy Johnson

Seduce is a Prequel to Beautiful Rose.

In Seduce we meet Jack Falcon.  Jack is rich, has an excellent job and he can get any woman he wants.  His friends tell him he will someday fall in love and things will change for him.  He doesn't believe it until he meets Belle.

Belle is a mystery to him.  She is beautiful, sweet and spontaneous. He meets her at a cafe and he keeps on coming back to see her again. He doesn't understand what's pulling him towards her.  He tries to stay away but he starts loosing the battle.  Just when he has given up on fighting his feelings for her, he learns a very compelling reason to stop seeing her.  In the end, there is a lot of guilt and devastation.

When I started reading Seduced I thought it was funny and Jack was going to find his HEA. I couldn't be more wrong.  I didn't expect the ending but I won't say anymore to avoid spoiling it.  Just be warned there is a shocking event. I can see now how Missy has woven the perfect background story for Beautiful Rose.

“Really, I’m not as bad as my reputation makes me out to be. In fact, I’d go as far to describe myself as a decent guy. I just have no interest in a relationship that extends beyond a quick fuck when it suits me. I really don’t see how it’s my fault or problem if a chick falls for my boyish charms. Every woman seems to think she can change me, that she somehow has something all the other notches on my belt didn’t have.”

3.5/5 Fangs

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