Saturday, October 19, 2013

Music of the Heart (Runaway Train #1) by Katie Ashley

*ARC provided by the author is exchanged for an honest review.*

Abby Renard just wants to get to her brother's bus and rest. When she finally gets there she just crashes without further thought. The next morning to her dismay, she discovers she is on the wrong bus and lands in the wrong bed with none other than the lead singer for Runaway Train, Jake Slater.

Jake is used to the ladies falling over him but when Abby doesn't follow the mold, he is shocked into wanting to get to know her better. Jake is also impressed by her singing.

"True God-given talent"

Jake finds himself making a bet with Abby to keep her on their bus for one week. Abby is not used to backing down from a challenge and she accepts the bet. Soon their attraction is very palpable but Jake's past is full of groupies and being a one-woman man can become an issue. For Abby cheating is a deal-breaker.

How can innocent Abby and bad boy rocker Jake have a future?

I thought Abby was a great heroine. She was smart, witty and her innocence felt just right. She was never ashamed of speaking her mind. Jake on the other hand, made me want to scream. He hurt Abby unnecessarily multiple times. Some of the things felt unforgivable.

Overall I liked the book and I'm looking forward to the rest of the single band members' HEA. 

"You'll always be my sweet angel-my saving grace and the love of my life"
3/5 Fangs

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