Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wild Man (Dream Man #2) by Kristen Ashley

Second Book in the Dream Man series

Tessa O'Hara is the owner of a cupcake shop. Her life changes when a very handsome man comes into it. A minute later she knows he is the man for her, the man of her dreams. So when he asked her out for a beer she accepts without a doubt. Her life is good with him for four months. Then the cops are in her house, they are asking her to come down to the station for an interview. She doesn't have anything to hide so she goes with them.
The cop who is interviewing her is asking all sorts about her ex- husband. She surprises the cop by telling him something very private. After, her confession, she is clear and is about to leave the station when she notices that the man of her dreams, Brock Lucas is some sort of agent, he is wearing a badge. She knows he was with her because of the investigation against her ex-husband who is the top narcotics distributor in Denver with ties direct to Colombia.
She leaves him at the station. Fast forward 3 months, he comes back to the bakery.
Brock Lucas, a DEA agent wants to make things right with Tessa. They had a great relationship and he is willing to fight for it.
Many crazy moments, funny moments. Elvira is always a hoot.
Love this book. I love Tessa. She is a strong woman with a sad past. But, she is a fighter. She is also sweet.
Mrs Ashley has become one of my favorite contemporary romance writers. So happy I discovered her books.
4.5/5 Fangs

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