Sunday, July 8, 2012

Silk is for Seduction (The Dressmakers #1) by Loretta Chase

Marcelline Noirot and her sisters are owners of a shop that makes fine dresses. They do have competition with another store where the ton frequents.

Marcelline is ambitious, she wants more business. She wants her dresses to be recognize and craved for.

when she learns that the Duke of Clevedon is coming back to London to get married, she knows this is her chance to become famous. The Duke's fiancee is a lady without any idea of how to dress herself.

Marcelline travels to Paris to convince the Duke that she is the one that should be dressing his future wife. She is also in Paris to take notes of the latest fashions.

When they meet, Marcelline is up front with her intentions. What she didn't count on is liking Clevedon for herself.

Their attraction is believable and when the plot moves back to London, Clevedon steps up to the sister's help when tragedy ensues

4/5  Fangs

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