Saturday, July 7, 2012

Law Man (Dream Man #3) by Kristen Ashley

Mara Hanover had a tough upbringing. Her mother didn't take good care of her. She has developed a low self esteem problem. She categorizes herself as a 2.5.
Her neighbor Mitch Lawson, a cop is definitely a 10 or more. He is her dream man. She has had a crush on him for four years.
When her faucet stops working, nice man Mitch comes to the rescue. She tries to avoid him a couple of times. But, when her cousin's children are in trouble, she let's him help her.
Mitch has liked his neighbor for a long time but she keeps on avoiding him. Finally, she starts opening up and he is thankful for it.
Mitch is probably one of my favorite characters. He is just a great guy and easy on the eyes. He has no problem committing to Mara and her new children.
One of the thing I love the best about Kristen's writing is that the characters are all down to earth people. They do regular jobs, do regular chores. I love her books. Recommend the whole dream series.
5/5 Fangs

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