Monday, July 16, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades #1) by E.L. James

Part of a Trilogy
Anastasia Steel is about to graduate from College. When her roommate gets sick, she takes her place to interview a famous, rich  man. She doesn't know anything about him. When she meets Christian Grey, she is shocked to find out he is young and attractive. She does the interview, but some of her friend's questions made her feel uncomfortable. As soon as the interview is over, Ana can't leave his office soon enough. She is grateful she won't see him again although, she can't stop thinking about him over the next few days.
Christian Grey tries to stay away from Anastasia. He knows she is an innocent and doesn't know anything about his dark side. Despite his best intentions, he finds himself following her to her part time job and later on inviting her out.
Christian likes control in everything, maybe due to his tough childhood. He has not given his heart to any females. Christian has used a contract before any sexual encounter and he offers it to Ana too.  This is where the BDSM relationship starts.
Can Ana accept him as he is? Can she have a Master? Does she want to have a contract as a relationship?
The end of book 1 is a cliffhanger.
Things I dislike about this book:
Christian acts like a stalker at times or maybe Ana suffers from
a variety of Stockholm syndrome. Christian can be psychological abusive, possessive, and just plain crazy. Too many sex scenes just for the shock value.
Things I like about this book:
Their banter is probable the best thing this book has. My only question is:  he gave her a Mac, an iPad, why does he give her a blackberry and not an iPhone?
2.5/3 Fangs

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