Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sins of the Angels (The Grigori Legacy) by Linda Poitevin

Alexandra Jarvis lives in Canada. She is a detective. Recently she has been investigating multiple murders, probably done by the same person. She is exhausted trying to find a serial killer but unable to find anything about him. The crime scenes are spotless. He  doesn't leave any clues behind. 

Suddenly, she is given a new partner, Jacob Trent. But, he doesn't seem to have any experience. More confusing is that when she touches him for the first time, she sees him as an Angel, with wings and all. 

Aramael, is an angel, a Power who hunts rogues/fallen angels. He will stop at nothing until he catches his prey. When his handler, Verchiel tells him his twin brother Caim, a fallen angel is killing humans, he follows him to earth pretending to be detective Jacob Trent. Also, he has been assigned to look after a human woman. She is a Nephilim, (Seed of the original Fallen Angels).  Aramael has no lost love for the Nephilim, but he will do his duty.

When he meets Alex everything changes, there is a connection which both tried to deny. Their relationship is forbidden. When Caim gets interested in Alex, Aramael knows he will do anything to protect her.
In this book we also meet the Appointed, Seth, who is helping Aramael protect Alex.

Interesting premises. Angels and Demons, Good and Evil. Caim is definitely a dangerous character. Fast paced reading, not too long. Kept my interest. Can't wait for more Seth and Verchiel

4/5 Fangs

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