Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vanished (Faithgirlz!/ Boarding School Mysteries #1) by Kristi Holl

Twelve-year-old Jeri McKane attends boarding school. Her life changes when her best friend and roommate Rosa goes missing. Before Rosa's disappearance, her greatest fear was that her mom would not be able to attend Parent's Weekend at the end of the month.

But it is not only Rosa who disappears but the school van carrying several children. Fingers are pointed in different directions. Jenna doesn't know who to trust at times.

It is up to Jenna to find the clues and bring Rosa back without getting hurt.

This is a Cristian literature.

The short story is fast and as long as you can believe a twelve-year-old is able to accomplish what the police couldn't, you will enjoy it.

2/5 Fangs

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