Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grave Witch by Kalayna Price

Grave Witch 
Alex Craft #1
Kalayna Price

Death has never been so good!

This is the third book I read by Kalayna Price and she didn't disappoint me.

Alexis is a Grave witch who uses her skills as a PI for her company Tongues For The Dead. She can raise a shade, communicate with them and has the "grave sight". Also, she is able to talk to a ghost and See the Fae.

She has a bad relationship with her dad and sister(Casey). However, her sister asked for help when a politician dies and Alex agrees to help find the killer and clear Mr. Caine.

Someone is killing young females in what looks like a Ritual. While raising a shade Alex gets injured and now her time is running out.

New in town is Detective Falin Andrews. Their first meeting is not a positive one. At the end, they end up working together to find the killers.

Death is a soul collector who has a crush on Alex. She has known him since she was a child. He interferes when there is an attempt on her life. We meet two other soul collectors in this book.

The book has everything from a new city (Nekros) to romance, action, and a dog named PC (Prince Charming). She has 2 girlfriends and a Fae Landlord as well as a Gargoyle.

I will be buying Grave Dance when it comes out. Maybe more questions will be answered, like where is her brother? Where does Death go? Or Falin's true job?

I like Falin but I want more Death.

Here is a taste:

"The kiss was gentle, his lips firm but giving, and warmth spread through me. I sighed against his mouth.The hand caught in my hair tightened, drawing me harder against him. His tongue dipped between my lips, bringing with it the honey taste of pixie brandy.
Pixie brandy?"

4/5 Fangs

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