Friday, November 13, 2020

Love in Lockdown by Chloe James


Title: Love in Lockdown
Author: Chloe James
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: March 4, 2021

Sophia is afraid lockdown will put her life on pause – just as she was she was going to put herself out there and meet someone. When the first clap for the keyworkers rings out around her courtyard, she’s moved to tears for all kinds of reasons.

Jack is used to living life to the fullest, and is going stir-crazy after just days isolating. Until that night he hears a woman crying from the balcony beneath his. He strikes up a conversation with the stranger and puts a smile back on her face.

Soon their balcony meetings are the highlight of Jack and Sophia’s days. But even as they grow closer together, they’re always kept apart.

Charming and sweet is the best way to describe this book.

Nothing better than a nice story to lift your spirits and I believe Chloe James achieved this with Love in Lockdown.

Sophia Trent and Jack Stanton are living in the same building without ever meeting in person. Jack has some health issues and he’s unable to leave his apartment during the pandemic lockdown. Sophia, on the other hand, is able to continue with her job as a teacher. She studied law but after developing epilepsy she gave up her career and now works with kids. Due to her illness, her boyfriend of five years didn’t want to stay with her. 

One day after that NHS clapping, she becomes emotional and starts crying. Jack who lives above Sophia can hear her and they strike a conversation. Soon this becomes the norm. Sophia sends treats his way, while he sends special cocktails using a box and rope to her apartment balcony. Together, this duo and with the help of WhatsApp start helping their courtyard community.

Love in Lockdown brings some solid points about the pandemic including mental health issues that can arise from isolation, the need to help the elderly and other vulnerable populations, the importance of telemedicine and exhaustion of the healthcare workers, the need for teachers to help kids during these dire times.

My one complaint about the book would be the ending, I felt it needed more. Something was missing in the romance department.

3.5/5 fangs

Cliffhanger: No

A complimentary copy was provided by Avon UK via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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