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Dreams and Slumbers by Seanan McGuire

Title: Dreams and Slumbers 
Series: October Daye #10.1
 Author: Seanan McGuire 
Format: ebook
82 pages

After an eventful (and murderous) conclave, Queen Arden Windermere in the Mists is alone again. Alone with her sleeping brother, and the cure that will wake him.

*Included at the end of Once Broken Faith.

“How the hell am I in trouble when Toby’s not even here?”

This was a quick little read. It only involves Queen Arden Windermere, the Alchemist Walther Davies and Karen's older sister Cassandra Brown.

Arden knows something isn't right when she uses the elf-shot cure to wake up her brother Nolan and he falls into slumber again. She needs help. She knows Walther can help her since he's an excellent alchemist. When she finds Walther accompanied by Cassandra, she makes them both come with her to her knowe. Soon she learns Walther alone can't do it but the Luidaeg, the Sea Witch can. 

I was glad I had a chance to read Arden's POV. It helped me understand her more. I still don't like the way she thinks about Toby and how much she blames her for the change in her life. That's why one of my favorite parts in Once Broken Faith was when the Luidaeg put her in her place. Don't mess with a Firstborn or you'll pay! 

I'm also not happy she used her power to force Toby to go to Silences after Toby dared touch her. To me, she behaves in a very immature and selfish way but in this short story at least I know what she's thinking. 

As always the Luidaeg was a pleasure. She gives the impression of rude and dismissive but she has such a great heart and she truly cares for Toby. More than once, Mrs. McGuire has hinted that the Luidaeg has plans for Toby and this short story confirms it. I'm scared for what's coming. 

Another tidbit I learned is more about Cassandra's power and her romantic feelings towards someone I like. I hope this gets expanded in The Brightest Fell. 

4/5 Fangs

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