Monday, June 23, 2014

Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons #1) by Christina Lauren

Sweet Filthy Boy
Mia Holland is enjoying her freedom after graduating from college before moving to Boston and starting business school.

She used to be a ballerina but an accident in high school destroyed her dreams.

Mia and her friends drive to Vegas for a weekend. After a little to much alcohol and meeting Mr. French, she makes a hasty decision and follows him to France for the summer.

Ansel Guillaume is a lawyer. He is moving back to France. In the spur of a moment he invites Mia to Paris.
What begins as a adventure soon becomes more leaving Ansel and Mia not knowing what will happen to their relationship after summer is over.

I love Ansel. He was sweet, he was spontaneous and he cared for Mia. I like him a lot and I think Mia was lucky to find him.
SFB has funny parts and sad ones too. I'm never too tired to read one more Vegas unexpected night outcome.
I do wish this novel had a little more action.

I think the Canadian and the Aussie should get their own book. Don't you?

"I'm already in like with you"

4/5 Fangs
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