Monday, June 9, 2014

Charleston Heat by Samantha Garman

Charleston Heat
Shay Mahone is guarded against love after her ex-boyfriend used her to get her family connections. Understandably, she stays away from dating until she can heal her heartache.

She lives with her best friend Charlie who's also her business partner. Shay has majored in business and she's opening a yoga place with Charlie. In the meantime, she is working 3 jobs.  One of those is as a waiter and on a gala night she meets Brodie.

Brodie Davidson is the famous drummer of The Disclaimers. Despite being in the spotlight he's very private. When he meets Shay he really can't keep away. Convincing her to have dinner with him turns out to be more difficult than he thought.

“What? Am I wrong? We’ve spent a weekend together, Brodie. What are you? My insta-boyfriend?”

Suddenly, he smiled. “Just add water.”

Little by little, the more time Shay spends with Brodie the more walls he brings down. Shay learns to open up and discovers that not every guy is like her ex-douchebag boyfriend.

This book have good characters. Shay was guarded and I understood her reasons for being that way. She did push Brodie away several times and I wanted to scream at her for doing it. Don't despair. She sees the light.

Brodie was a winner. He was sweet and didn't play any games. He didn't fight his attraction or stray. He was determined to get the girl. He was funny too.

Now put my toothbrush back in the bathroom—right next to yours—because we aren’t going anywhere.”
“Me and the toothbrush.”

There is no cliffhanger.

 “God, no. Have you been there? I’d be blinded by all the capped teeth and then smothered to death by a pair of implants. I’m a southern boy at heart. "

3.5/5 Fangs
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